The Dominican Republic is a country with one of the most diverse ecosystems in the Caribbean region, rivers of white waters flowing from the highest peak in the Caribbean and beaches teeming with fish, turtles, whales and coral reefs. With the seal of  our 360Luxury concierge service you can enjoy authentic experiences from eco-lodges, 360Luxury vacation rental villas, gastronomy, flora, fauna, museums and adventure tours. Reasons for choosing a Dominican Treasure: Each place has a particular and special touch, depending on which you choose you can have contact with the culinary tradition, complete immersion in the Dominican rural life, consumption of organic products, crafts, spaces for escaping, tranquility, contact with nature, active adventure, fun, go to places with heritage, work and memory of history as well as immerse yourself in the Dominican culture.


The province of Barahona is located in the southwest Dominican Republic. Its economy composition is mainly composed of agriculture, mining, and ecotourism ; It also has an industrial port and a free zone dedicated to textile production. Currently, Barahonas green coffee is recognized worldwide. Barahona is the only place in the world where the semi-precious stone called Blue or Pectolite Larimar is found. Ecotourism is the next big thing for the province.

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Thanks to its geography and climate hosting rivers, beaches, lakes, mountains and even desert areas, with a large variety of flora and fauna, perfect for nature lovers. Among its cooking secrets ingrediants such as coconut flakes, fish and shellfish, are considered the basis of their signature cuisine. In Barahona beaches are spectacular, with mangroves, palm trees, sand, and gravel. Among the most distinguihed location within Barahona are Quemaito, Saladilla, La Ciénaga and its famous spas: San Rafael, Los Patos, Villa Miriam, among others.




Pedernales is located on the southwest coast of the Dominican Republic, with a rich biodiversity that adds value to their ecotourism offers. Home to the Biosphere Reserve JaraguaBahoruco- Enriquillo, ideal for nature tourism and scientific research. Among the attractions Found in the area includes Jaragua National Park, Sierra de Bahoruco, Lake Enriquillo, Hoyo de Pelempito and Oviedo Lagoon with its extensive mangrove forests and rich biodiversity.

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It also has two islands: one is the Isla Beata and Alto Velo Island another , ideal for diving. laguna-de-oviedo_1Pedernales has beautiful beaches like Bahia de las Aguilas (among the most beautiful in the world), Playa Blanca, Playa Cabo Rojo and Pedernales. In addition, the areas also holds taíno heritage, demonstration of rock art and pictographs.



Is an eco-adventure tourist project, strategically designed to enjoy the tranquility offered by nature, yet have the opportunity to use this resource to enjoy an adventure. Rancho Platón has 4 great cabins with hot water, air conditioning, TV, and bathrooms, including a tree house. Within the activities offered are horseback riding, mountain bike, tubing or water slides, camping and kayak.


Products made by women of the Cooperative for the Development of “La Ciénaga” (COOPDECI) in the Province of Barahona. These delicious marmalades are made from pure pulp of tropical fruits grown, harvested and handpicked in the mountains of Eastern Bahoruco. The making process combines the traditional knowledge of the women of COOPDECI with the technical rigor required by food processing without any preservatives and coloring. In addition, they offer organic jewelry made with natural elements and recycled seeds, such as coconut shells and fibers, sometimes combined with the semi-precious stone Larimar that is only found in this southern province.


With over 20 years serving great food, Brisas del Caribe is one of the most famous restaurants in the southern part of the island. It is a cozy place overlooking the Caribbean Sea. This restaurants specialty is seafood, but the menu also includes poultry, meat, rice and pasta. The service and hospitality of its staff are of the most excellent quality. Hours: mondays through Sundays from 9:00 am – 12:00 am. RUTA DEL AZÚCAR Av. Enriquillo #3, Frente al Boulevard, Barahona, República Dominicana 809-524-2794 brisas.carib@claro.net.do www.360Luxury.com

The Sugar Route


The sugar route is an educational tourist activity guided by Central Barahona Foundation to disseminate the sustainability initiatives and social responsibilities carried out by the sugar plantations of the area Consorcio Azucarero Central. The route includes touring the sugar production process from planting, cutting, harvesting and transporting the sugar cane from the fields up to the sugar mill in Barahona. As part of the tour, a video of the history of sugar production in the country is shown. In addition, tourist get to site visit social programs in the area that are funded by sugar production such as: the Center of Batey Bombita fish production , where visitors get to go to the reservoir and learn from the breeding to the point of marketing of tilapia, as well as La Cabrita farm where they breed and raise dairy goats and visitors walk through the process of making cheese and yogurt. Optionally, you may enjoy an artistic presentation of folk dances and a delicious lunch. Hours: monday through Saturday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Calle 1ra. #1, Villa Central, Barahona, República Dominicana 809-524-3421 ext. 232 / 247 rutadel azucar@fcentralbarahona.org


Constanza is a completely flat valley surrounded by moun – tains located in the Central Cordillera at an altitude of 3,800 feet above sea level. The main economic activities are agri – culture and tourism.


Its mild climate, with an average annual temperature of 18º C, is exceptional for growing flowers and numerous vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, celery, carrots, beets, cucumbers, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, pota – toes; also to grow fruits like strawberry, peach, kiwi, persim – mon, apple, plum, loquat, creole pear among others. Among its tourist attractions are the Aguas Blancas waterfalls, the Arroyazo spa, Valle Nuevo National Park which includes a camping area, visitor center and memorial Pyramids, literate stones, Ébano Verde Scientific Reserve hosting a high biodiver – sity cloud forest, endemic species and an ecotourism program, the Monument of the Divine Child, a Monument to the Heroes of June 14, a Monument to Francisco A. Caamaño, Anacaona Municipal Park, Church of Our Lady of Mercy, among others. Constanza is ideal for agrotourism, ecotourism and includes adventure tourism activities such as: Mountain Biking, Four Wheeling, Paragliding, trekking, Jeep safari, hiking and horse – back riding.

Adventure trips with 360Luxury

Adventure trips with 360Luxury

Altocerro Mountain Lodge offers a comfortable and memorable experience. As the name suggests, it is located on top of a hill hosting 34 independent villas and a 12 room building with galleries and balconies offering panoramic views of the beautiful vally of Constanza. The restaurant serves a variation of delicious goods specializing in both Dominican and international food with highly qualified staff ensuring the best service. The lodge has a mini market and a convention center along with a camping area, a canopy, horseback riding and hiking. The charm and magic of the mountain ambience blends harmoniously with the resort.

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María Mercedes Gutiérrez, known as Doña Benza is a Constanza native who has dedicated over 60 years of her life baking sweets the traditional and local way, preserving and emphasizing the gastronomic traditions of the culture in Constanza. Her gastronomic offer ranges from “arepas” (corn cakes), and bars, paste, and creams made of sweet coconut, sweet orange or sweet milk to the famous “Panela” that with the help of her grandson, José Manuel Gutiérrez, have delighted both foreigners and locals for many years due to its delicious taste. The life of Doña Benza is not only told behind the stove, 30 years ago this cherished human being started the social tradition of every December making a dinner and giving away toys to under privileged children of the area, who she says are her biggest passion, she has been recognized by the Ministry of Women in Constanza as a role model, as well as, by the Constanza Ecotourism Cluster for her contributions to the local gastronomy. Hours: mondays through Sundays from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm. Av. Jiménez Moya #13 Constanza, República Dominicana 809-924-8902

Adventure Trips with 360Luxury

Adventure Trips with 360Luxury

Villa Pajon is located 7,500 feet above sea level between flowers, vegetables, herbs and pine. It has 7 cabins with kitchens, stone fireplaces, rustic handmade furniture, bathrooms with hot water, terrace with barbecue and a central dining room. Among the ecological activities the mountain lodge offers include hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, scientific research, mountain biking, berry collection (in season), swimming in streams, star gazing, hiking to Salto de Aguas Blancas, the local Pyramids and local farms. Villa Pajón is a hidden paradise in the Central Cordillera perfect for disconnection, tranquility and contact with nature. Rental Request : info@360Luxury.com


Jarabacoa is located between the mountains of the Central Cordillera of the Dominican Republic, with beautiful pine forests, rivers, flowers and landscapes. It has a very pleasant climate, between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius. The economy of the city depends on mountain tourism, ecotourism and agriculture. Among its attractions are: the Jimenoa I, Jimenoa II, Baiguate waterfall and the Ébano Verde Scientific Reserve, whose territory is shared with the Municipality of Constanza, a cloud forest with high biodiversity, endemic species and an ecotourism program. Among the activities carried out in this Municipality are the river-rafting, canyoning, cascading, mountain biking, four wheels, ATV, horseback riding, paragliding, hiking, competition of “paso fino” horses, among others. From Jarabacoa you can climb Pico Duarte (the highest peak in the Antilles, with 3,087 meters above sea level), La Pelona and La Rusilla, known as the Caribbean Alps. Jarabacoa is a town full of traditions, art and cultural values, where you can buy local art crafts, landscape paintings, etc.

adventure trips with 360Luxury in the dominican republic

Rancho Jarabacoa offers its guests adventure activities in the central mountain range of the Dominican Republic. This ranch’s priorities are: excellent customer service, maintaining the health of the surrounding environment, and the safety of their visitors. Rancho Jarabacoa offers rafting in the Yaque del Norte River, cannoning to the waterfalls of Salto de Jimenoa I and II and swimming in the natural pools just below the waterfalls. They also offer tours to Pico Duarte the highest peak in the Caribbean, safaris to Salto de Jimenoa, horseback riding and guided hiking excursions. Rancho Jarabacoa also offers exquisite local cuisine. The combination of extreme sports activities in this majestic nature setting make this trip an unforgettable adventure. Sabaneta, Jarabacoa, La Vega, República Dominicana 809-707-5523 / 809-979-9779 info@ranchojarabacoa.com www.ranchojarabacoa.com

Sonido del Yaque is a community project run entirely by a Women’s Club known as Nueva Esperanza (New Hope Women’s Club). The development counts with 5 rustic cabins and a restaurant outside Rio Yaque del Norte where you could enjoy a Dominican meal of organic products produced within the community. Besides being a community project, it is also eco-sustainable producing electricity with the rivers current providing clean energy to thirty families. Biogas is also produced locally. This place is ideal for those seeking tranquility, enjoyment and total immersion in Dominican rural life. Carretera hacia Manabao Km 10 ½, Los Calabazos, Jarabacoa, La Vega, República Dominicana. 849-868-2751 / 829-727-7413 sonidodelyaque@gmail.com www.360Luxury.com

Altagracia, Bavaro, Punta Cana

It is the province with the largest tourism development in the country, located in the eastern region. It hosts three protected areas: National Park del Este, La Laguna Bavaro and Albufera Maimon, as well as one of a kind areas such as Bayahibe, a small coastal fishing village; Saona Island, adjacent to the main island with unique biodiversity; Saint Rafael del Yuma, a picturesque village ideal for tasting sea food restaurants overlooking the sea. Higuey is the capital, where the Basilica Our Lady of La Altagracia imposingly stands, considered the most important religious monument in the Dominican Republic; other site seeing attractions include the Museum Our Lady of La Altagracia, the Church of San Dionisio, The Horses of Higüeyano Steps and Victorian Homes of La Otra Banda. Punta Cana is an important town in the province, which has more than 25 miles of soft white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, nightlife, comfortable hotels, developments estate, private residential communities, shopping centers, gift shops, golf courses, world-class sport activities, and a wide range of cuisine options.

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Contact our outstanding 360Luxury.com concierge service

Puntacana Ecological Foundation was created in 1994 by Grupo Puntacana with the purpose to protect and preserve the natural resources of the Punta Cana region and contribute to the sustainable development of the Puntacana Resort & Club. The foundation Works on efforts out of their Center for Investigation and Education through different International university exchanges to develop solutions to social and environmental challenges related to the development of the tourism sector. Keeping Environmental education and awareness a main objective the Puntacana Ecological Foundation implements a wide range of related programs such as: Zero Waste program for the classification, recycling and compost of waste materials; worm composting in order to use organic waste to produce an effective biocompost; sustainable agriculture for local production; Sustainable bee keeping for the local production of high quality honey; the protection of the Ridgeway hawk in danger of extinction, and coral restauration.

Rent your luxury Vacation Villa in the famous Golf Resort Punta Cana

Rent your luxury Vacation Villa in the famous Golf Resort Punta Cana

Bávaro Lagoon is located in Cabeza de Toro, Verón-Province of La Altagracia, in a portion of the Wildlife Refuge Laguna Bávaro. Kayak tours, hiking, bird watching, sport fishing, panoramic navigation in small boats are just some of the activities available to visitors. In this wildlife refuge species of endemic plants and birds coexist. Freshwater fish are one of the most important attractions including the Cyprinodon Higüey, a species of fish totally unique to this one lagoon! If you enjoy unique natural scenery, experiencing nature up close and ecotourism activities you cannot miss Bá- varo Lagoon.

Casa De Campo Bayahibe  

La Romana-Bayahibe is a diverse destination of the Dominican Republic. It offers visitors ecological adventures hosting the East National Park, wildlife, rural areas and tradi – tional Dominican communities. This destination is the origin of the National Flower, which bears the name Rosa de Bayahibe or Pereskia quisqueyana. Among the tourism activities to enjoy include the “Paddle Board Surfari“ Boca de Yuma for fried fish; tour Altos de Chavón, a replica of a sixteenth-century Mediterranean village and the Regional Museum Altos de Chavón, the Fun Fun Caves and Las Maravillas Caves, as well as the Padre nuestro trail. The destination guarntees great golfing (Casa de Campo, La Estancia ) and La Romana- Bayahibe is considered a golf des – tination par excellence ; also you can dive , take a tour of the Rio Chavón, including zipline and kayaking. Among its beach – es are Dominicus, Catalinita, Catalina Island, Saona Island, Palmilla and Minitas, among others.

Oustanding Luxurious Rental Villas in Casa de Campo Golfers Paradise

Oustanding Luxurious Rental Villas in Casa de Campo Golfers Paradise

Cumayasa Sky Adventure is located in the heart of the east, between San Pedro de Macoris and La Romana and near the Cumayasa river. Attractions offered at the adventure park include: traversing adventure bridges, ecological and cultural activities, a cosmic pendulum, a hurricane house, zip lines through the canopies of the trees where visitors traverse distances from 60 to 750 meters. Cumayasa Sky Adventure is ideal for leisure and recreation in a natural and rural environment. The Ranch is open daily to the public with prior reservation. Km. 14 Carretera RomanaSan Pedro, La Romana, República Dominicana 829-755-5052 / 829-755-5054 cumayasa@gmail.com www.cumayasaskyadventure.com

Art Cuseco is a craft and jewelry workshop whose products are made from horn, local seeds and coconut, the combination of these products produce its name (cuero, semillas, coco). This workshop is completely run by female artesans. Here you will find a shop, a room for crafts training, a nursery and a design room for visitors to design their own jewelry with the materials of their choice. CUMAYASA SKY ADVENTURE Casa núm. 19, parte atrás comunidad Villa Padre Nuestro, Higüey, República Dominica.

The Heart to Heart Foundation was founded in October 2007 by Mariela Vicini, with the purpose of working with underprivileged children to improve their quality of life, teaching values and developing their creativity. Heart to Heart Foundation also works with the craftsmen of Bayahibe in order to improve the quality of the products they make as well as teach them new techniques. The Foundation teaches music, painting, baking, gardening, handcrafted jewelry, advanced sewing, embroidery, handcrafted embossing programs where the pieces made are available to the tourist. Heart to Heart Foundation is a place where learning, collaboration, creativity and enthusiasm are sources of inspiration. MUSEO ARQUEOLÓGICO REGIONAL ALTOS DE CHAVÓN Km. 13 Carretera La RomanaPunta Cana, El Limón, República Dominicana. 809-833-0544/ 809-563-5372 umafundacioncorazon@gmail.com www.fundaciondecorazonacorazon.com

The Regional Archeological Museum of Altos de Chavón documents the important aboriginal heritage of the Island of Hispaniola. The superb collection on display includes more than 3,000 pieces found in the region. These relics show the evolution of the culture of the indigenous societies from the pre-agricultural era until the time of the Taínos. The museum offers an exploration hall, equipped with a laboratory, that details the archeological processes. In the Taino Hall the culture and the mythological beliefs are displayed, and in the cabinets a collection of objects and pieces used by the indigenous peoples are shown. This museum is the perfect place to learn the preColumbian history of the island. Previous reservation is required. Altos de Chavón, La Romana, Rep. Dom. 809-523-8554 museo@altosdechavon.com www.altosdechavon.museum/


Montecristi is located in the extreme northwest of the Domini – can Republic, bordering Haiti. It is a place full of history, where famous people lived such as Máximo Gómez, José Martí and Manolo Tavárez, among others. It has a valuable architectural ensemble of Victorian and Antillean arquitecture that reveals the economic boom era of this remarkable city, which had its heyday in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The most important activity is there agricultural, fishing and salt production. Montecristi has a great biological diversity in its territory and its natural resources are its attractions. Among them include amazing colorful coral reefs, El Morro, Mangrove Estero Balsa, Montecristis Underwater Park with shipwrecks, Goat Island, Seven Brothers keys, Saladilla lagoon, etc. The tours that are carried out are eecological and nature re – lated such as the mangroves tour to observe the diversity of birds and the diversity of Keys. Montecristi is a coastal town with beautiful beaches such as Cayo Arena (ideal for diving and snorkeling, and from where you can visit other smallkeys) and the Luperon beach.

The Interpretation of the Salt Tour is the first and only of its kind in the country. The Center allows visitors to interact with the handcrafted industry of sea salt, a tradition maintained in the García family for more than three generations. Tourists can also have access to informational panels in two languages, as well as access an exhibit of tools that are used on the daily for traditional sea salt process. At the same time visitors will be able to watch migratory and endemic birds while visiting the Bird Observations Tower at the end of the Interpretation of the Salt tour. People with disabilities can also enjoy this great adventure since the space has ramps and wood trails to access from the street to the salt flats.


Puerto Plata is one of the most diversified tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic, with golden beaches and white sand (Sosua, Cabarete, Playa Dorada) Victorian style architecture and historical and cultural routes. It was the birthplace of prominent singers, writers, artists and musicians. Among its attractions are the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua, The Amber Museum, the San Felipe fort, Isabel de Torres Mountain with its cable car, 800 meters high, among others. Visitors have the optionsto do different tours by land, sea and air such as underground adventures ziplines, windsurfing, cultural POP, colonial, historical Isabela, The coffee trail, the Amber Road, Altamira Ecoroute, local Cacao and Merengue. In Puerto Plata you can find the “gem of the centuries”, Amber. Amber is the national jewel which within lie ancient fossils. In the “Amber Coast” amber mines of blue, red and black denomination are found.

Cabarete sport capital of the caribbean.

Cabarete sport capital of the caribbean.

The Cabarete Caves are located in the Natural Monument Lagunas Cabarete and Goleta (El Choco). The tour will take you to a system of 30 caves, where you may visit three amazing caves in particular: Vudú Cave, Museum Cave, and Crystal Cave. The tour lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes with opportunities to swim and enjoy the different colors and forms of stalactites and stalagmites. The visitor will also have the opportunity to tour the freshwater lagoon in a boat.

Since 2004 Saltos de la Damajagua has officially been open for guided tours in a protected area and is a model of community co-management in the country. Saltos de la Damajagua accounts for over 6 km2 . Each of the 27 Charcos de Damajagua, each one different from the other, allows visitors to swim, slide down natural water slides and jump from one to pool to the other all the way down the mountain. Saltos de la Damajagua has three sections in Charcos, waterfalls, slides, diverse natural scenarios and geological formations. The monument also has a restaurant of Dominican offering typical cuisine, a lobby, shop and bathrooms. This monument truly is a wonderful gift of nature to you.

360Luxury dream vacations

360Luxury dream vacations


The Estero-Hondo Marine Mammal Sanctuary is a protected 48.36 km2 marine-terrestrial area and is one of two places in the Dominican Republic where the Manatí (Trichetus Manatus) lives and is the biggest refuge in the country for them. The Sanctuary is surrounded by Red, White, Black and “Botón” mangroves. Also here you can see the flora species characteristically of dry coastal forest, as well as birds and crustaceans. The importance of this sanctuary lies in the reaffirmation of the commitment of all Dominicans to contribute with this laudable conservation effort of this endangered species and its ecosystem

The Tubagua Plantation Ecovillage, located in the Northern Mountain Range of the Dominican Republic, has room for 30 people and nine private spaces, among cabanas and palapas, a social area and a small spa. Tubagua offers ecotourism activities such as exploring the countryside, hiking, (including the Routes of Coffee and Amber), mud baths, bird watching, and exploring the natural beauty of the surroundings. Enjoy astonishing panoramic views of the region at an altitude of a thousand feet above sea level, fresh air, tranquility and security.

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